Bonsai Judging Course Pilot Run: April/May 2015

I am very happy to say that we have successfully run the first Judges Training Course for Fobbs trainee judges. The course was devised at the request of member Societies who were experiencing difficulties in obtaining bonsai judges for their events who had conformity of standard and who were able to judge bonsai without allowing personal issues and opinions to cloud their judgment. This scheme runs for two full days and includes theoretical work as well as practical experience of the procedures involved in judging the various types of Bonsai Shows that they might be asked to judge at.

This course, we hope, will be followed up by a mentoring process whereby the individuals, now accredited judges, will have the opportunity to shadow experienced judges working at various Bonsai Shows around the UK and ultimately at a European level also. This course has the full endorsement of The Royal Horticultural Society, who wish, once we have run one or two more courses, to spend a further day with R.H.S. tutors training our judges in the expertise required in judging the highly prestigious R.H.S. Shows visited by people from around the world.

Very soon these accredited bonsai judges will be listed in an appendix to The Speakers Book, whereby clubs will be able to use their services for judging their shows and guaranteeing a uniformity of standard.

Malcolm Hughes

Bonsai Judging Course Bonsai Judging Course
Bonsai Judging Course Bonsai Judging Course