Introduction to Bonsai Judging Programme

FoBBS is to introduce a Bonsai Judges training programme to attempt to bring some uniformity to the standard of judging at Bonsai Shows in the U.K., both at local Club Show level as well as more significant Shows at a National or International Level.

FoBBS has been on the receiving end of a great many comments upon the standard of judging at some events in recent years. We have been asked to try and bring some standardisation to this subject. Thus we have worked in conjunction with the Royal Horticultural Society to produce a programme that can be attended by members of FoBBS Societies consisting of two full days of training and practice here in the Midlands, (the most central point). At the successful conclusion of the course, each participant will receive an accreditation certificate and hopefully they will then be available to judge when requested at your Shows.

At present we are running the first pilot scheme to assure ourselves of the viability of it; the second training day takes place in three weeks’ time. Upon completion, the course will be opened out to you and your members. We will request society support and recommendation before enrolling people. It is very specialised and requires a good knowledge of bonsai before considering enrolling and we will only accept people that the societies consider suitable.

The cost for this 2 day course will be £80.00, including food, half of which will be subsidised by FoBBS and the other half of which is to be paid either by the individual participant or by their society; depending upon the value they put upon getting standardised accredited judging and of course also upon the financial status of the club concerned.

The numbers who can attend each course is four and dates for the relevant days will be agreed with the participants before starting. It will not be possible to attend just one of the sessions and get accreditation.

We would appreciate you telling your members about this service that FoBBS is offering and letting us know as to how much interest is shown.

Comments from your society will be much appreciated.

Dr Malcolm Hughes
FoBBS Chairman