Minutes of Committee Meeting, 10.35 a.m. Sunday 11th. September 2010, at “The Woodlands”.

1.   Present:- Malcolm Hughes, Ray Ward, Reg Bolton, Denise Baum Pick, Judith Davison,
                       Simon Richardson, Dave Cheshire, Tony Allen.

2.   Apologies:- Peter Fielding.

3.   Minutes of previous meeting 4th. July 2010:-

Item 8 (a) should read RB not RG other than that Minutes accepted as a true record, proposed RW, seconded DC.

4.   Matters arising:- None.

5.   Correspondence:- None.

6.   Reports:-

a) Financial Reports:- RB circulated accounts and highlighted items of expenses from last year.     

  • Next year we will not have the use of a free van for Chelsea as we have in previous years so it is expected that we will make a loss.
  • RB is preparing the accounts for the forthcoming AGM. Our yearly accounts will differ slightly from that submitted to Company House due to the lack of detail inherited by RB.
  • DB-P said that we must show last year’s figures carried forward.
  • RB, accounts will be finalised for September ready for the AGM in November and then an interim account will be prepared for the last 3 months of the year. This will bring everything into line as the next and subsequent financial years will run from January to December.
  • MH proposed moving the AGM to January in future, seconded by JD accepted unanimously.
  • Finances at the present, £9212. 05, bank charges, £52. 54.
  • We have 39 society members, 4 individual and 4 commercial.
  • RB proposed that membership should be increased next year to £30 for societies and commercial and the individual remaining at  £10. Seconded by DB-P carried unanimously.
  • RB to get other quotes for insurance.

b)  Companies House:- Everything submitted and accepted.

c)  UK Bonsai Events:-

  • John Hanby’s show,
  • Swindon show at a new venue. There will be plenty parking, a bar and restaurant.
  • Best of British show next year will not be using the study centre. Will be using 2 marquees on the terrace for speakers, also using outside caterers due to the  poor performance of site caterers at the last event.
  • RB, Chelsea has been applied for but have not applied for Cardiff show. Cardiff changed the date which now clashes with the Best of British and Dragon are unable to help.
  • Sussex are going ahead with their show in August, 6/7th. or 20/21st. venue to be arranged, will be hoping to have a FoBBS presence .No date or information re Joy of Bonsai.
  • SR will put together information for Bonsai Focus.
  • TA said that we must try to bring in the northern societies and possibly consider putting on a show in the future with the help of the societies in the north.  This was agreed by all but how to get the cooperation and involvement of the northern societies?  For future discussion.

d)  Bonsai Instructors Book:-  

    Very well received by societies. JD brought up the fact that there is no explanation re expenses.  Some of the speakers will have to travel considerable distances and their travel expenses may exceed their speaker’s fee this will effect smaller societies . K and MH to send out a supplementary page.

e)  European Bonsai Association:-

RB has been notified of space allocated for the Ratingen show. MH has submitted an article for the German magazine.

f)  WBFF:-

    To be held in Japan next year. RB and MH will be attending. 2013 in China.

g)  FNBC and National Bonsai Collection:-

TA and MH, trees continue to look good and have been professionally photographed for the website.  K and MH have kindly agreed to allow the organisation of a raffle as a fund raiser to be drawn on the Sunday at Best of British.


7.  Revision of FoBBS Constitution:-

Members present had been provided with a copy of the proposed new constitution.  A draft had been forwarded to Graham Walker who is extremely experienced in the field of preparing such documents.  After the addition/removal of certain wording the final draft, a much reduced document, in language easily understood was before the committee for approval.  It was proposed by DB-P that the revised constitution should be accepted by committee, seconded by RW and carried unanimously.  Ratification of the revised constitution by member societies will be sorted at the AGM.

8.  Regional Updates:- 

  • DC not getting a great deal of feedback.  RW South East and London has already visited 3 societies and will visit another society Tuesday, following this meeting.  He will continue to make contact and visit as many societies in his area as he can.  JD will take on Shropshire/Oxfordshire.   It was agreed that we require additional regional reps.
  • New Talent – Current Arrangements:-  PF has 3 definite entrants and 1 possible.  The final will be at the at the Sussex show next August.  There is 1 candidate for the final.  DC agreed to speak to suppliers in Holland to obtain suitable material for the competition.  A general discussion took place as to further venues to hold heats.

10.  Website:-

The new website is very good and is now getting between 2/3,000 hits per month.  Well worth the expenditure. Need feedback from societies for the website updates.

11.  Annual General Meeting (Sunday, 28th. November):-

  • Organisation of AGM:- Until the new constitution is ratified by members committee will have to work within the specified time limits of existing constitution.  All information and documentation will have to be sent to members 42 days in advance of meeting.  This includes nomination of the offices and committee of FoBBS and FNBC.  K and MH will compile and send out the information.  In future this can be done electronically but will have to be a paper exercise this year.
  • Agenda Items:- Minutes of the EGM. T here are no minutes.  RB said that Paul Eslinger had agreed to take and prepare the minutes but did not.  It was agreed that the meeting would be informed that there are no minutes as opposed to trying preparing minutes from memory.  This also applies to the minutes in relation to FNBC.
  • Reports and Accounts to include Matters Arising, Reports; Chairman’s, Financial. Election of Officers and committee.  FNBC – Reports, Chairman’s, Treasurer’s, Trees in the collection.  Election of Officers and committee.
  • Close of Meeting, set date and venue for next AGM.  This will be followed by an informal business meeting to discuss and inform of future projects and events.
  • Nominations:- All nominations for the offices and committee of FoBBS and FNBC must be in writing, and sent to be received by MH at least 28 days prior to the AGM.

12.  Proposed FoBBS projects:-

  • Training programme for Bonsai Teachers:- K and MH would be prepared to run training courses for prospective speakers.  This would probably involved students attending “The Woodlands” for 2 to 3 weekends, to be confirmed and would involve tuition in public speaking and culminate in the student preparing and delivering a full talk.  Students having successfully completing the course could have themselves entered into the speakers book.  Full details and possible costs to be considered and discussed later.
  •  Visiting Speakers Programme:- Making money available to societies to assist them with the expense of speakers.  MH suggested that a sum of money, to be agreed could be set aside specifically to assist with travelling expenses which at times can exceed the speaker’s fee.  A general discussion took place as to the amount to set aside as it could become quite expensive.  MH put forward that a sum would be agreed and societies would have to apply for assistance with expenses in advance of a proposed date and money would only be paid retrospectively after the submission of receipts.

13.  Any Other Business:-

  • SR asked that an appeal for more information for the newssheets for Bonsai Focus.
  • MH and K to ask for more information from societies through email.
  • RB suggested that Ian Stewardson should be considered for Life Honouree Membership for his work and efforts in bringing quality bonsai onto the British and European stage. SR proposed a vote to accept the suggestion, seconded by MH and voted unanimously.  Ian Stewardson will be made a Life Honouree Member.

14.  Date and venue of Next Committee Meeting:-

10.30 a.m. Sunday, 16th. January 2011, at “The Woodlands”.

Meeting concluded, 4.20 p.m.