Heathrow Bonsai Show:

Sunday, 4th November 2013

The 4th Heathrow Bonsai Show took place on Sunday 3rd November 2013 at The Barn, High Street, Harlington, Middlesex. The Show has, over the last three years, become much bigger and is now a regular feature in the British Bonsai Calendar. Fortunately the weather was very favourable this year, with blue skies and a light breeze, a total contrast to last years’ downpour.

A demonstration by Graham Potter, working on privet, was ongoing throughout the day.  A total of 144 trees were on display, provided by 69 exhibitors who in turn represented 13 clubs and societies, namely Berkshire, Chiltern, Enfield, Mid Herts, Middlesex, Newbury, Northampton, Southend, Surrey Heath, Sussex, Sutton, Swindon and the Wessex Bonsai Society.

There were an additional five independent exhibitors from across the South of England together with 3 traders.

The show tree competition results were as follows:

1. Mountain Maple Terry Adams
2. Trident Maple Steve Hale
3. Juniper Rigida Geoff Pearmine
4. Acer Palmatum Ian Wragg
5. Siberian Elm Terry Adams

1 Mountain Maple Terry Adams

2 Trident Maple Steve Hale

3 Juniper Rigida Geoff Pearmine

4 Acer Palmatum Ian Wragg

5 Siberian Elm Terry Adams