Heathrow Bonsai Show:

Sunday, 4th November 2012

The day began as a cold, wet, almost wintery, autumnal morning but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the organisers of what has now become an established annual event.
The Show, held at Harlington, just north of Heathrow Airport, provided the bonsai enthusiast with a range of trees on display together with a demonstration by John Hanby; the morning involved John working on a juniper and during the afternoon session, working on a rock planting.

The display of bonsai was varied, both in size, styles and species, and was made up of trees exhibited by individuals together with some, fairly local, society displays. Of the trees exhibited, three were to receive formal awards, two awards being presented by the Federation of British Bonsai Societies and one, an ‘Award of Excellence’, by Bonsai Clubs International.

The recipients of the awards were as follows:

Federation Awards of Merit:

Paul Finch - for his Ligustrum ibolium (Privet)

Manuel Gonzales – for his Taxus baccata (English yew) – this was a posthumous award, Manuel having died very recently.

B.C.I. Award of Excellence:
Terry Adams – for his Pyracantha

This show appears to be gaining in popularity with a regular flow-through of visitors. Credit must go to the organisers, members of Surrey Heath Bonsai Society, for their efforts in putting together a delightful event.