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FoBBS wins Gold again at Chelsea 2017

Gold Mewdal

R.H.S. Chelsea Flower Show 2017, many hours of hard work result once again in a well-deserved Gold Medal Award congratulations to Reg Bolton and his team for staging this winning display; thanks also to all those who have given of their time to man the stand on each day of the event; these are tough, hard working days but they provide an amazing day for both the helpers and visitors alike.

The display reflected a good range of species and styles and drew considerable admiration from members of the public



Other highlights

Mendip Bonsai - John Trott, Gold Award

Congratulations must also go to John Trott of Mendip Bonsai and President of the Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Society for gaining another Gold Medal Award for his Chelsea display. Recently, John has been working towards putting on displays of flowering bonsai, and clearly with some success!

Annual General Meetings 2016 - 17

Sunday, the March 12th , twenty-two member societies were represented at the FoBBS and FNBC AGM’s held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Following the presentation of accounts and reports by the respective chairman, Malcolm Hughes and Barry Walker, the Committee stood down in order that a new Committee be elected.

All the former Committee members of both organisations were re-elected whilst two additional members were elected to the FoBBS Committee, namely Mark and Ming Moreland (proposed by Middlesex Bonsai Society, seconded by Surrey Heath Bonsai Society).

The chairmen expressed their thanks to their respective committees for all the work done during the previous year. The members of the two newly elected committees are as follows:

FoBBS: Elected members: Denise Baum-Pick
  David Cheshire
  Judith Davison
  Peter Fielding
  Malcolm Hughes
  Mark Moreland
  Ming Moreland
Co-opted members: Reg Bolton
  Keith Wilson
Ex-officio members: Kath Hughes (Administrator)
  Nigel Wright (Webmaster)
The first committee meeting of this new year will be held at 11.00 am on Sunday, 7 May at ‘The Woodlands’, Sutton Coldfield.
FNBC Committee: David Cheshire
  Malcolm Hughes
  Kim Turton
  Barry Walker
  Vic Yeomans
Botanical Gardens Rep: Wyl Durrant

Bonsai Boot Sale 12 March 2017
Preceding the AGM

This saw 30 boots set up at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens car park for another Annual Boot Sale, raising funds for the National Bonsai Collection.  The weather was kind and, as is so often the case, trade was brisk.  The event made a record £600.00 towards the running and maintenance of the Collection.  Thanks to all those who participated and especially to Kim Turton for organising the event.

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